Rental Terms

On this page, we present the terms and conditions for ClubCars Car Hire in Crete. Kindly read our rent a car terms and conditions carefully before booking the vehicle you have choosen. If you require further information about our rental terms, contact us.

1. Age Requirements: minimum age for groups A, A1, B, B1, C, C1, E : 21 years old, for group D,D1,F: 23 years old.


2. Driver’s License: renters must have a driver’s license that is valid for at least one year.


3. Minimum Rental Period: one day (24 hours) – Every additional hour is charged at a rate of 1/5 of the daily rate.


4. Traffic Fines: tickets and fines resulting from violations of the Greek Traffic Law are the responsibility of the renter.


5. Deposit: for clients without credit cards, a deposit is required at the beginning of the rental period amounting to a minimum of € 90 daily. No deposit is required from holders of credit cards that are honored by ClubCars Crete.

6. Insurance: ClubCars Crete are covered for fire, theft and third party liability for death, injury or damage to property.


7. Full Damage Waiver (FDW): for a fee of

€ 12 for car groups A, A1, B, B1, C, C1, E and € 15 for car groups D, D1, F, ClubCars Crete Rent a Car provides full insurance without excess for collision damage that was not due to violation of the Greek Traffic Law.


8. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): for a fee of € 3 per day, ClubCars provides personal accident insurance that covers the driver and each passenger for up to the amount of € 30,000 for death, total or partial disability and medical expenses.


9. Underside of the Car & Tyre Insurance (UTI): for a fee of € 3 per day, ClubCars Crete Rent a Car provides unlimited coverage for damage to the underside of the car and the tires. The car must be driven on asphalt roads only.

10. Taxes: all ClubCars Crete Rent a Car rates are subject to 24% VAT.


11. Fuel: fuel is the responsibility of the renter.


12. Availability: cars are provided according to original booking, however, on rare occasions we may have to supply a different vehicle.


13. Delivery & Collection Charges: delivery and collection of the selected Crete car hire vehicle are free of charge in all towns where ClubCars Crete Rent a Car Agency has offices. Out of town delivery or collection costs € 0,30 per kilometer. Night delivery or collection costs € 20.

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